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IRS e-file electronic tax-filing service available to individuals and businesses.  It is the fastest way to file taxes, and it gets you your refund in half the usual time (even faster when you have your refund directly deposited into your bank account).  E-file is now required in most cases.

As an authorized e-file provider, we can offer the benefits of e-filing for you.

How does e-file work?

With IRS e-file, we transmit your tax return from our computers right to the IRS. You don’t have to worry about your return being lost or delayed in the mail.  You will still receive a paper copy of your tax return for your records.

How safe is e-file?

It is virtually error-proof.  E-filing is so accurate it greatly reduces the chance that you get “one of those letters” from the IRS.

What about your signature?

You simply sign the signature document, Form 8879, and we will take care of the rest.

Can a state tax return be filed with a Federal return?

In most cases, yes.  Ask us about this service.

What if you owe money?

If you owe money, you can e-file your return now and get proof from the IRS or FTB that is has been accepted.  Just pay what you owe by April 15th.

Is there a fee for e-filing?

We do not charge an additional fee for electronic filing.  Please note that we only electronically file returns that we have prepared.

How many taxpayers have used e-file?

E-filing has been proven and tested by millions of tax payers.  Most have e-filed again and again since the service was introduced.  In fact, last year over 19 million individuals chose to e-file their returns.