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Income Tax Extensions

Applying for an extension to file your income taxes gives you extra time to prepare the return, but it doesn’t give you extra time to pay the amount you will owe.  If you file your return on extension and owe more than you have already paid, the IRS will charge you interest and a late paying penalty for not having sent the balance owing by April 15. 


If you are a current client of DeSimone, Rennie & Sloane and need an extension, we can file the extension for you, but we can only do so at your request.  We will need to know how much you have already paid (for instance, from your W-2s and estimated tax payments) as well as how much you think you are going to owe and pay with your extension request.  Please have your W-2s available when you call us.  We can give you additional information at that time.

How to Check on the Status of Your Refund

Knowing that you are receiving a refund can leave a person on needles and pins, waiting for it to show up.  You can always check on the status of your refunds by following the links below:

Federal Refund

California Refund

What to do if the IRS or FTB Contact You

If you are contacted by the IRS or FTB for an examination of your return, you should notify us at once.  Should you decide to represent yourself at an audit, you do so at your own risk.  Please forward any written correspondence which you receive from the Internal Revenue Service or Franchise Tax Board to us for review.  The IRS and FTB do make mistakes, and the letter may be incorrect.  We will review these letters for you.  Please be sure to call if you have any questions.